The Road to Recovery

Bell of hearts

Bell of Hearts Foundation’s mission is to provide guidance and support to those who are impacted by congestive heart failure and heart transplantation.

We are Here to Help

Bell of Hearts is dedicated to providing guidance, education, and support to individuals and their caregivers who are navigating the challenge of heart failure and heart transplantation.


Welcome Health Care Facilities, Providers, Coordinators, Nurses, Dieticians, Educational Institutions and more! Help us make a difference in someone’s heart journey. 

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Help patients set realistic goals and create a roadmap for their recovery and rehabilitation process.


We explain the importance of adhering to medication regimens, lifestyle modifications, and regular follow-up appointments.


Provide regular encouragement and praise for their progress, no matter how small.


Bell of Hearts offer emotional support by actively listening to patients' concerns and anxieties. We also connect patients with support groups, counseling services, or other individuals who have undergone heart transplants.

We are here to help

Bell of Hearts

Services We Provide

Emotional Support

Emotional support to individuals living with congestive heart failure or waiting on a transplant can make a differences in their well-being. We listen, empathize, and also offer reassurance by being a source of positivity and hope.

Goal Setting and Milestone Recognition

Help patients set realistic goals for their recovery, rehabilitation, and overall well-being. Provide regular encouragement, praise, and motivation to keep patients engaged and focused on their progress. Celebrate milestones and successes.

Lifestyle Modifications

Assist patients in making necessary lifestyle changes, such as adopting a heart-healthy diet and engaging in regular exercise.

Education and Information

Explain the importance of adhering to medication regimens, lifestyle modifications, and regular follow-up appointments. Provide resources and educational materials to help patients understand their condition. We encourage patients to actively participate in their own care and advocate for their needs.

Transplant Support

Provide support to the patient and their family throughout the entire process. We address any fears and concerns and provide reassurance. Connect patients and caregivers with others who have experienced heart failure or transplant.